Saint Augustine taxi ettiquette

If you have a time call set up be ready.
Drivers may call to get more information or to tell you about delays, answer the phone. Failure to do so may cause driver anxiety and they could choose to refuse the pickup. As independent contractors that is an option open to them.
No smoking and ask the driver if vaping is ok. Let us know if you have any pets. We are not equipped to take bicycles.
We are not a restaurant, to maintain clean bug-free vehicles no eating or drinking in our cars. Calling us repeatedly and asking where your cab is does not make the taxi come any faster. If we tell you a time please allow an extra few minutes before panicking.
Unfortunately, you need to pay but we do accept credit cards with 10.00 minimum fare.
We offer price quotes.
What we need to know is the pick up address, how many people and the destination.Quotes are from point A to Point B.Extra stops and/or round trips cost more.
Once we set a price we expect to be fully compensated.
Our prices are reasonable but not the cheapest.If you use a cheaper cab company don’t yell at the dispatcher if we are a dollar more.You can decline our taxi service and wait for your preferred transportation provider.
We use a flat or zone rate method to calculate our taxi fares and these remain constant.So, if you paid a certain price coming into historic downtown Saint Augustine, you will pay the same price on the way back to Saint Augustine beach for example.We do charge 2.00 for each additional passenger.We do not surge.
When we ask where you are going, one way to not get a cab is to reply, home.We want your address as the dispatcher does not know where you live.Also for those helpful souls that are walkers: find a spot and wait, walking does not help us nor will your ride be cheaper.
Abraxi taxi obeys all the rules and regulations that the city of Saint Augustine requires.We have the proper medallions and the correct insurance.Our cabs are the newest, least mileage taxicabs of any fleet the ancient city can provide.
Please play nice and respect the few conditions we have to ensure our cars remain in pristine condition.
And; the number one most annoying thing ever, is asking if I am Uber.This will be met with an automatic hang up and banned for life. Puking comes in at number two!

Cabs in Saint Augustine can be a luxury

I received a letter today asking my views on taxi services.It seems to me that one company is going after many companies.At Abraxi Taxi we may have the newest cars with the least amount of mileage on them and if another company has older cars with more mileage than ours, we are ok with that.If the police feel that a certain vehicle is a hazard they will pull the cab over and issue a citation.
If this is really in the best interest of health,safety and welfare for the citizens of Saint Augustine,we think the gas-powered golf carts driving on US1 and the pedicabs driving over the Bridge of Lions pose more of a threat.
It seems to us that there is a market for all cabs that comply with the regulations the city has put forth;and if one company charges more,or another taxi service charges less, that is fine by Abraxi.If you are a metered taxi company you need to be metered,if zone rates are the method one uses as a business model then adhere to that.One can not have it both ways.At Abraxi Taxi we use flat or zone rates, and do not deviate from this nor do we surge the fare at peak times.
I think the biggest issue I have is that the city does have certain requirements to operate a taxi here in the ancient city: yet allows über to continually break these rules.What has been done to the über driver who stalked and groped one of our own local residents? You want low mileage and clean nice cars, I think this is a noble quest.But how as a company can we accomplish this with all the illegal competition?
So if safety is really the issue and not someones personal agenda,ban über and put restraints on illegal gas-powered go carts and restrict pedicabs from crossing the Lions Bridge.If a taxi cab does not conform to city standards,pull it off the road.Impound Ubers as they are illegal and do not do background checks.And they will never do so.
Keep in mind that if you want nicer cleaner cars out here in the city we may need to raise our rates if you do not level the playing field and remove those companies that thumb their noses to our city commissioners.Using a cab to get back and forth to work really does become a luxury and if some choose to use a cheaper cab company they should have right to do so.
Please do not be bullied by any companies whether local or worldwide.Try to regulate the rules you have in place and those who do not comply; deal with draconianly.Keep in mind that taxi vehicles pile on mileage,passengers trash cars and accidents happen.Drivers that are unregulated do bad things.Groping and stalking are bad enough.What threshhold must be surpassed before the city starts enforcing the laws already in place?I dont think older cars are the issue:but,uninsured and random out-of-town drivers are.Open vehicles driving in dangerous areas and players with hidden agendas are much more of a threat!

Hello Saint Augustine

It has been some time since we posted here at Abraxi Taxi.We just saw our 8th anniversary slip by and would like to thank our local client base for putting up with us all these years.We try hard but sometimes have hiccups.I think we are running the latest model cars with the lowest mileage taxi cabs in Saint Augustine.We try to keep them clean but the pollen has been brutal this spring.And since rumours of a PETA conference headed this way:have steered clear of leather seats.

Abraxi taxi keeps a local profile.From buying our cars at Nissan in Saint Augustine,using Maria at the Print Shop and Sharon from My Time,we spend what we can here in town.All our vehicles comply with the regulations set forth by COSA.From the medallions to proper commercial taxi insurance.Our drivers have background checks and our pricing is consistent.No surging even at peak hours.We use a flat or zone rate,this is one set price from point A to point B.A constant pricing system with no hidden charges.

So happy birthday to us and a huge thank you and round of applause to everyone who has stood by us these many years.Without the support of local businesses like Meehan’s Irish Pub,Saint George Tavern and Tradewinds we might never have survived this long in a very competitive taxicab market here in the Ancient City.

Stop the Uber Bully:

There has been much in the news about bullying and that is good.These tactics are destructive and have a lasting damage on their victims.Hopefully the age of the bully will be short-lived.However some of these strong arm individuals employ similar tactics in the business world and today I would like to single out the tyrants that control Uber.

Uber is a taxi service that uses technology to circumvent the laws and policies cities have to regulate the transportation industry.They are also prevalent in the news;THEY ARE BULLIES.Make no mistake with the official party line.”Ride sharing”companies provide taxi services and use smoke and mirrors to obscure this reality.This criminal enterprise offers no financial advantage to any city that their thugs operate in.In fact the opposite is true.

Saint Augustine Florida is one city that these Uber mafioso would like control.The drivers are unregulated,have no business license,lack the commercial insurance this great city requires to operate any type of service involving the transportation of people.Let alone have a hack license required for all vehicle for hire drivers.

Abraxi Taxi will not be browbeat and I implore other cab companies and all taxi drivers to stand up to these oppressors. We invite the mayor and our distinguished city commissioners to join in this quest.The codes for livery service are written in stone.It just takes an aggressive stance to enforce the laws already in place and exterminate the maggots who are sullying our workplace.

Lyft above the hype and take an Uber-vigorous carriage against these taxi service teflon dons.We need the city to stop criminal activity and put an end to this ruffian reign immediately.

904 599 MOON Zone Rates

Taxi companies in Saint Augustine Florida either use the standard meter or a flat rate commonly referred to as a zone rate.Abraxi Taxi falls into the latter.There are of course pros and cons to both, but generally zone rates are your best bet.
No matter the traffic patterns or other annoying hazards including construction detours or bridge openings, the price quoted is what you pay.In a few circumstances using the metered cab companies may be more beneficial to you and if asked I will give out those phone numbers.In most instances however; flat rates will be gentler to the wallet.
When calling Abraxi Taxi for a price quote we need to know the pickup spot and destination along with the number of passengers.Most companies charge an extra 2.00 per additional person.This also alerts the dispatcher if he/she needs to send a van rather then a car.Vans do not cost any more money.This is decided by the distance and the amount of passengers we take.
Our rates are consistent and fair and are calculated from the downtown historic district of the Ancient City.Cited below will be a few of the most requested quotes.Please remember to add an additional 2.00 for each additional passenger.Pricing is based from point A to point B and does not include extra stops.We are pet friendly and charge as if they are human.We are not bike friendly but will gladly provide other cab companies information who are.
Saint Augustine taxi rates downtown 5.00
World Golf Village 25.00
Vilano Beach 10.00 and up
Ponte Vedra 55.00
Saint Augustine Beach 8.00 and up.
Cresent Beach 14.00 and up
Mantanzas Inlet 35.00
Palm Coast 55.00
Daytona Beach 75.00
Jacksonvile 65.00 to 85.00
Jacksonville Beach 65.00
Daytona or Jacksonville Airport 75.00
Saint Augustine Airport 10.00
These prices are general guidelines and can be adjusted according to the volume or lack thereof of calls.So if you are in need of taxi service or airport transportation, please call Abraxi Taxi or visit our website for reviews and more information.Abraxi Taxi gets you where you need to Go!

Taxi Confessions and Local SEO

After about a year on being in the G+ communities I am here to share my SEO mistakes and successes.The reason I started to read certain SEO communities was I knew very little about websites and more importantly how people could find my business.
As a taxi driver in what is now a very competitive market in Saint Augustine, I have for years just been finding directories and filling out my information.I did have a website from a major company and through G+ realized my was not being found by major players like Google.Whether on purpose or just human error I can not say.Now I have moved, was inconsistent with my name and changed my Web address.My local SEO needs massive medical attention.
The first thing to invest in is a website. Hire a professional you trust to build it.In my case +Ian Wortley decided to help me and created a nice WordPress site.
Next open a Gmail account and a G+ profile.It will be of great benefit to set up a mybusiness page on Google then start joining and reading the various articles posted in a variety of places in and around the web.
Since I am relatively new to the business alphabet..SEM, SEO, SERP, PPC et al and ad nauseum,I have finally found help on +moz and especially moz local.
If you are starting a new business, can be an option at about 500.00 per year.They make it easy to add videos, pictures and content.
Moz local is a great deal for only 50.00 per annum and loaded with information.For me it is a bit hard to understand. I have been just following their lead and completing as many profiles as I can.They do offer a quick fix but remember I am a taxi driver and  have no clue about excel or.csv files.
That being said it is still user friendly for novices like me and I am sure a snap for those who are a bit more computer savvy.
Other opportunities to explore until your website gets some visibility might be Google adwords or Yellow Pages.Both are a bit costly but will generate immediate results.Building a viable Web page will take time but think long term.
Having a blog is a nice addition.Wordpress will offer a www address for a fee. Worthwhile in my opinion,or you can use the  free version.Blogger is completly free and appears to me to have a bit of +Klout.
You can learn about social media all over the web.Certainly Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Pinterest.Mozlocal and many more cover this in detail.Open up a business Facebook page and make sure that all you create is somehow attached to your webpage.
I highly recommend you spend as much time as possible with the G+ profile you have created.Initially you may need to spend some money to get your business noticed.Down the road with hard work and time,you will save money with a high powered website, getting you more than enough business.If needed;supplement with a smaller budget adwords campaign.
Things you need to consider
If starting a new business:
Have a website professionally done and hosted.
Careful choosing a name KISS.Keep it simple silly.Avoid underscores and if possible try to have product or service in name.
I think .com is better then .net , org or biz.
Set up a blog,social media and YouTube Have the webmaster link it your site.
Be consistent with your business name, phone number and address.
Start working on your G+ profile.
Follow gurus like +Johnny Base and + Jim Munro.There are several more Google geniuses out there you should try to find.You will need to learn about webmaster tools and Google analytics but nothing to techy.
Initially Sign up for Yext and Moz local to have your business submitted to the major directories.
Open up a mybusiness page on Google and make sure the business gets listed on Google maps.This should be automatic.
Use Google adwords or maybe Yellow Pages paid ads to start.Once your webpage gets established you will be able to spend less on paid ads and survive on organic results.
Start blogging and become an expert in your field.Learn about authorship and how it may help you.
Blogging is one way to gain backlinks.Backlinks make your website stronger.This is very complex and can land you in Google jail.Do not pass go! Be very careful scaling this slippery slope of SEO.
It seems that everyone and Google agree, which is unheard of, that content is King.Writing unique and original material regarding what you do and who you are is smiled kindly upon by the algorithmic gods.
Do your research and beware of those who promise too much.With hard work and time it will be you that gets to the top position in Search Engine Rankings.
Remember that in SEO not many agree on really that much.What I have posted here is what has worked for me so far.I am still spending money with advertising but I am not wasting it on companies that are either crooked or incompetent.I am a work in progress and am learning daily.I wish I knew about G+ and SEO years ago and thousands of dollars later.
Consider that I drive a taxi and my expertise in search engine marketing is practically non -existent.
I welcome any insights or criticisms. This is not a complete guide just a jump start for anyone new and if I can save them a few thousands dollars from the mistakes I have made so be it.
Remember to stay fresh and current as Google is a bit capricious;continuously changing it’s mind.

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Saint Augustine taxi service is here! Hello World.

Abraxi Helo-Taxi

July 4th in Saint Augustine Florida is a taxicab owners worst nightmare.For the drivers it can be a bonanza as a majority of the population feels in need of a cab company.

The fireworks are rather impressive and many flock to the Ancient City to enjoy the display.However; traffic soon backs up and even the most knowledgeable hackney can get lost in a labrinth of gridlock.

To avoid these delays and provide timely service Abraxi Taxi will be parking our cab vans and using the new Nissan taxicopter.Our taxi pilots are reasonably familiar with the innovative air taxis,so not to worry, as an added safety feature each vehicle will have pontoons attached. In case of driver error we can emergency land in the Matanzas river.

For your enjoyment will be providing an open bar, complete buffet and other party favors.We encourage our customers to dress appropriately and to wear very comfortable shoes.I promise to hover as close to your destination as possible before dropping you,our taxi fare.

So,when you are sitting at the Tini Martini Bar watching bumper to bumper traffic,be assured that the Abraxi air transport is just seconds away.

Visit our website for rates, reviews, helipad locations and the safe grassy knolls near your home.Mr.Scott will be the dispatcher when all else fails we will put the transporter into service.Scotty,beam me up:the taxi services in Saint Augustine Florida are overloaded and off the grid; and I am running out of di-lithium crystals captain.

Please enjoy Independence Day in the nation’s oldest city.Be prepared for long waits and impossible traffic.Do wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to do some walking.To those who we are able to take into town we will do our best to get you safely back home Abraxi Taxi currently does not own any type of flying machine but on this day in particular sure wish I did!

via Saint Augustine taxi service is here! Hello World..


External or internal taxi competition in Saint Augustine Fl.

Registered with

Fully comply with Saint Augustine Fl.regulations

City medallion attached to proper vehicles

Insured properly, all licensing current

Alcohol and drug-free workplace

Impeccable and timely service

Knowledgeable and mostly friendly drivers

Clean cars and cold air

No strangers riding shotgun

Taxicab vans that are comfortable

Longest tenured independent company in town

Has a business licence

Files corporate taxes

Spends our money in Saint Augustine

So if you can handle the truth take the time and do some research before choosing a local cab company or airport shuttle.It is costly to provide the correct insurance and to maintain our fleet to the precepts that Saint Augustine city council has decreed.

However;if you wish to gamble life and limb over a few dubloons, Abraxi Taxi should not be your first choice taxi service.Competition is the American way.It is healthy and a boon for the consumer.All we want is a level playing field.Hang those pirates from the gallows and tell the gypsy cabs to walk the plank.For honest transportation providers;full speed ahead!

I am not sure if the threat to our way of life comes from the outside with taxicab companies like Uber,or from within the borders of Saint Johns county,but a storm is brewing and Abraxi Taxi is a safe harbor to moor your ship to.