Enforce the Fiats


A shuttle still running an illegal hotel shuttle bus service plus taxi service

Most pedicabs no stickers plus now some are motorized did they get a special exemption?

City wont issue hack licenses to Yellow cab drivers what does that say?

A taxi company expanding at my expense And I believe one out of at least 4 cars has a medallion after noncompliance for 3 years.

New white car no nothing on vehicle or medallion a nice single illegal Gypsy cab. I have pictures plus many from years ago. City says if you transport people you need a medallion.

Well, we all know Uber and Lyft are taxis but since they deny this why do they have dome lights that say taxi? This is soliciting business illegally.

The gas-powered carts also no medallions and sit at taxi stands. There are two taxi stands and since the city code distinguishes between types of vehicles, they should be denied use.

This is how I read the taxi regulations. And the city or code enforcement do not care. For five years everyone just passes the buck. Since I hired an advocate, I have not continued my fight with city hall. How have you fared in my stead? The city should enforce but all these companies know better and are operating if not illicitly certainly unfairly and/or deceptively.

Final argument for the court is our second chief of police is retiring. And he will be taking over a code enforcement position. To help all violators you ask Judge. Well, no your honor just to make sure that the Airbnb pay the city and follow the city’s fiats. I rest my case.

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