Wheels of justice squeaky

Legal Woes

Ok we are now going on 20 months and no one has really communicated to me any details on the Abraxi FDUPTA case. I have sent emails on or about Jan 12, 2020 Mar 12 2020.I believe I called a few times in June and did get a call back and a text. I am readily available by phone or text. I turn on my phones around 4pm daily and turn it off around 6am every day. I monitor my emails several times a day and the phones are covered 24/7/365.So I am readily accessible and/or the dispatcher will steer anyone in the right direction when it comes to important calls. Point being I am one of the most accessible person on the planet.

Again, I have spent another three grand to get my city medallions. I am the only company that has done this for the last 12 years. The other cab companies, Yellow, Ace, Ancient city, Clean taxi, Affordable taxi, All Service and Scooter Shuttle have been remiss. This allows about 16 cars to compete against me without a medallion, for at least the last 3 or 4 years. This cannot be fair. The city has a code and your firm said I had a case.

The company SAX TAXI along with the city attorney, the city commission and the city manager changed the code and the medallion process; however, they have since folded. The medallions and business licenses are tracked by Cory at the Saint Augustine water department and the medallions are awarded at the city garage by Ted.This should all be documented. I believe the code says anyone transporting people must have a medallion, I have not even mentioned the pedicabs that steal money and customers from us but at a much slower pace. Or the rideshares that break all the minimal regulations they should be following.

If fiats are enacted they should be enforced or annulled. I believe we have been treated unfairly and the lack of enforcement has cost me tens of thousands of dollars. I tried to plead my case at city hall but failed. I tried to retain a law firm to be my advocate but also seems I have failed.

Perhaps I misunderstood the medallion process. They are relatively cheap here just 50 bucks, but I thought that this protected both me and the city. Anything bad happens I do have the insurance and can prove it. Also, my cars are at least inspected once a year and that costs money. The city’s job in my opinion is to ensure there are not too many taxis and to enforce the regulations equally to all.

And finally, a call. Seems you have opened your own law firm so maybe you can expedite my case. It may not be profitable or exciting, but you said it was viable. Wheels of justice surely turn much to slowly so let’s find some grease ensuring they remain moving steadily.

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