Hello Saint Augustine

It has been some time since we posted here at Abraxi Taxi.We just saw our 8th anniversary slip by and would like to thank our local client base for putting up with us all these years.We try hard but sometimes have hiccups.I think we are running the latest model cars with the lowest mileage taxi cabs in Saint Augustine.We try to keep them clean but the pollen has been brutal this spring.And since rumours of a PETA conference headed this way:have steered clear of leather seats.

Abraxi taxi keeps a local profile.From buying our cars at Nissan in Saint Augustine,using Maria at the Print Shop and Sharon from My Time,we spend what we can here in town.All our vehicles comply with the regulations set forth by COSA.From the medallions to proper commercial taxi insurance.Our drivers have background checks and our pricing is consistent.No surging even at peak hours.We use a flat or zone rate,this is one set price from point A to point B.A constant pricing system with no hidden charges.

So happy birthday to us and a huge thank you and round of applause to everyone who has stood by us these many years.Without the support of local businesses like Meehan’s Irish Pub,Saint George Tavern and Tradewinds we might never have survived this long in a very competitive taxicab market here in the Ancient City.

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