Wheels of justice squeaky

Legal Woes Ok we are now going on 20 months and no one has really communicated to me any details on the Abraxi FDUPTA case. I have sent emails on or about Jan 12, 2020 Mar 12 2020.I believe I called a few times in June and did get a call back and a text. […]

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Better Business Bureau

I have bought eight cars from Nissan Saint Augustine over about the last seven years. The first was a used VW Routan,I traded this in for a Nissan Quest that will be paid off in a few months, I was pleasantly surprised and it certainly sealed the deal with a powertrain warranty that was somewhat […]

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Hookers,Rum and Cocaine

Lawyer, I sent a note about a month ago just checking in to see what might be happening with the case. Perhaps you have been on vacation so I will try again. I have never retained a lawyer before so please excuse me if I do not understand the rules. If you have absconded with […]

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Now go out and get shitfaced, do a few lines, get a few crystal meth burgers, smoke your coffin nail, maybe a joint. Please don’t drive, call a cab if you want to get home safely. But if you really need to gamble:try an Uber!



Regarding taxi ordnances in the city of Saint Augustine and the lack of enforcement:   I had emailed the mayor last December about my issues with the lack of code enforcement the city, city attorney’s office and code enforcement have displayed regarding my concerns. The mayor suggested that I voice my concerns to Denise May […]

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