Enforce policy or drop regulations!

I wish that I had been notified that the new taxi regulations either no longer apply or have been extended past the due date of October 1st.We at Abraxi Taxi struggled and with great expense were able to get our fleet to the safety and mechanical standards set forth by the city and the now defunct Sax taxi.

If we do not have a level playing field which has already been skewed by Lyft and Uber there is little reason or incentive to expand and hire more drivers to spend their money here in Saint Augustine. Nor is there any money left in the kitty to give back to our community. Is there any rhyme or reason to enforcing the regulations in place?

So, my questions are why should we as company be the only legitimate taxi service in this great city? Why is this code not enforced? Other cab companies, pedicabs, shuttles and gas-powered golf carts are not in compliance.

The biggest question however is if Uber/Lyft are not taxis {which indeed we all know they are} why are they permitted to run around around town with taxi lights? They are not only stealing from us they are also breaking the ride sharing rules. Also, many of these unfortunate souls do not even have Florida plates let alone insurance at all.

So please tell me where I can find a copy of the taxi codes and what is being done to enforce what’s on the book if anything, I would rather not waste anyone’s time at a commission meeting. If rules and regulations are no longer required that is also fine and we can make a better determination on how we prepare for next year. Again, wish Denise May the best in her newest career venture.

What we expect from our drivers

In today’s world of tough competition, the importance of quality service offered by taxis cannot be highlighted enough. Our goal at Abraxi Taxi is to provide the best transportation services for all our clients and enable us to achieve a competitive edge in this industry. To do this, we aim to impress every person who rides with us by being well-informed about various destinations and prompt with clean taxis and excellent customer service. Drivers must also remain professional by being reliable, respectful, responsible, and competent.
We offer the latest in technology, efficiency, and safety to help our drivers move people straightforwardly and make money. It is extremely important to understand that as our driver, you are our brand ambassador, the one who can guarantee every customer walks away with a smile and keeps coming back. This handbook establishes an effective, accountable and transparent framework for managing drivers at Abraxi Taxi. It will help you understand what we expect of you as our taxi driver as we envisage to be the best Taxi Company this country has to offer.
Abraxi Taxi Company is also fully compliant with all the regulations put forth by the City of Saint Augustine—including proper business and hack licensing, commercial taxi insurance, and the official city medallion. Therefore, to be our team member:
• You must validate your state driver’s license.
• You must follow all the regulations set by the City of Saint Augustine and the State of Florida, as well as the policies of Abraxi Taxi Service.
• You must be committed to delivering great service and customer relations to all our clients.
• You must operate our vehicles in a safe and defensive manner making sure that all customers are offered a stress-free riding experience.
• You must have excellent driving skills as well as confidence and adequacy on the road.
• You must not be afraid of giving back feedback and making suggestions that you feel may make our company better.
We believe that when you succeed, we succeed, when you are happy, we are happy, and when you are great, the company is great. We are glad that you have brought your skills to Abraxi Taxi and we want you to be the most successful team member you can be. Let’s work and achieve greatness.
Abraxi Taxi Dispatch Guidelines
We only have shift drivers, but we offer owner/operator programs. A shift driver will work a 12-hour shift and MUST follow our laid-out guidelines to the letter. Financial obligations are paid daily to the owner, and late payments may incur a fee. Below is a detailed list of our dispatch guidelines and regulations:
1. You MUST have a good phone, preferably a smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android system. The smartphone should also have an efficient running service; we recommend Verizon or ATT. A good phone or tablet will be very helpful when you need to use travel apps or Google Maps. Keep your phone charged, and with you always while working.
2. When you accept a dispatched call, you MUST be committed to it, no exceptions. Failure to complete this quest will have severe consequences—you may be suspended, make full payment, and/or get terminated.
3. You MUST keep your statements to the dispatcher brief and direct to the point. For instance, if you have a pickup from the beach headed downtown, tell the dispatcher something like this— “clear on the beach; headed downtown.” And when you get downtown, call in and say, “clear.”
4. If the customer has any changes to their travel itinerary, you MUST alert the dispatcher immediately. Sometimes it is cheaper to charge the passenger by the hour. Our minimum credit card fare is $10.
5. When you receive a call to pick a client to the airport, you MUST be there 10 minutes early.
6. Our shifts are set to start at 5 or 6 AM and end at 5 or 6 PM (12 hours), six days a week preferably. Arrangements can occasionally be made for extra time off. However, will need 24-hour lead time to make such arrangements.
7. You MUST always use our price sheet and never overcharge the client. If you don’t have a copy of the price list, you can access it on our website. We use flat rates so finding the quickest route to your destination will help both you and the customer.
8. Abraxi Taxi accepts credit cards, so you MUST open a bank account and sign up with Square or Intuit. PayPal is another viable option. Provide our business cards to the client whenever they ask and let them know you are available whenever they need you for their trip back.
9. 30 minutes before your shift ends, you MUST vacuum, clean, and gas the vehicle and leave a full-tank of gas. If you lose the vehicle’s key, you replace the key. You must also pay the daily shift lease. Remember, you will be held accountable for any tickets.
10. You MUST check all fluids and body condition of the vehicle before taking any vehicle. Most of our vehicles are shared by daytime and nighttime shift drivers. Therefore, do not take a vehicle if you notice any exterior damage or safety issues. If you notice such issues, alert a dispatcher, manager, or owner immediately.
11. We provide a maintenance checklist deposit envelope which you MUST FILL out fully at the end of your shift. If you notice any dents or dings, notify the dispatcher, and have them enter this in the daily log. This is for your protection. Not everyone is as honest as yourself. Please complete this checklist fully every time you finish your shift.
Abraxi Taxi Service Breakdown Guidelines
In the event you have a breakdown with any vehicle provided by the Abraxi Taxi, (for example, a flat tire, or any mechanical problem or check engine light that hinders the operability of the vehicle) you are required to do the following to avoid possible penalties or inconveniencing the clients.
1. You MUST notify the dispatcher immediately using proper procedures.
2. You must answer all the questions put to you by the dispatcher and record the time of the breakdown in the daily log.
3. If a breakdown happens when the passenger is on board, you MUST notify the dispatcher to arrange for a transfer to a second vehicle.
4. If a tow vehicle has been requested, you MUST remain with the vehicle until the tow company arrives at the scene. If the vehicle is repaired on site, you must also notify the dispatcher and record the time you resume service.
5. If you are able to restart the vehicle without requiring repair services, you MUST call in and notify the dispatcher who will then CANCEL the tow services. If you fail to do so, you will incur the charges of the tow company.
6. If the vehicle is indeed towed back to Abraxi Taxi facilities, you MUST accompany the vehicle, riding in the tow vehicle. Then you must complete the necessary procedures at our facilities to obtain another taxi and resume work.
7. You MUST also notify the dispatcher of any change in status, i.e., the breakdown time and time-back in service, which will be recorded accordingly.
Abraxi Taxi Service Accident Guidelines
1. In the event that you are involved in an accident, you MUST ensure that everyone involved is all right—if you are all right yourself of course.
2. You MUST then write down the plate number of all the vehicles involved and notify the dispatcher, the owner, or call the number provided to you in the glove compartment.
3. You MUST answer all the questions presented to you by the dispatcher as calmly and as simply as possible and then follow all the instructions laid to you by the dispatcher and cooperate fully.
4. If the vehicle is still operable, you MUST proceed to the nearest police station to make a statement. Take some pictures if you can, but police reports are extremely crucial. Many times, the authorities will be on scene.
5. You MUST report any accident, no matter how minor, and whether any damage has been incurred or not. No exceptions will be tolerated!
6. If you cannot drive the vehicle, you MUST remain at the scene of the accident until the dispatcher sends a tow company. You must also notify the police while you are at the scene.
7. You MUST secure the details of the other driver(s) including the owner of the vehicle; the name of the driver; the driver’s license and social security numbers; the name of their insurance company; and the names and contacts of the passengers in the other vehicle(s). Try to secure the names and contacts of any bystander who witnessed the accident. You should also provide your details if required.
8. After obtaining the police report and other necessary details, you MUST report back to the Abraxi Taxi facilities to obtain and complete our accident report. Here, you must submit your driver’s license to the dispatcher and wait to see the claims.
9. If any vehicle damage occurs because of a direct cause of your actions, you MUST reimburse the company a deductible fee of $1000.
10. Note, you MUST know and understand that all decisions made by the Abraxi Taxi claims department are final.
Abraxi Taxi Driver’s Behavior and Professionalism
At Abraxi Taxi, we choose to distinguish between a driver’s performance and driver’s behavior. Failure to differentiate between these two concepts has caused and continues to cause, confusion among many drivers. A driver’s performance relates to the driver’s skills and abilities and follows the expanded guidelines. On the other hand, we believe a driver’s sense of professionalism should be instinctive and should be used to promote the brand’s image. We uphold the following behaviors:
1. Always be on time and if anything is holding you up, notify the client immediately.
2. Always abide by the seat belt laws.
3. Drive carefully by keeping the adequate speed limits and traffic regulations.
4. Stay calm as you drive through heavy traffic or dealing with impolite customers.
5. Be friendly to the clients, ask them their music preferences and even help them load and unload the luggage.
6. Lead the conversation with the clients professionally, respecting their distance.
7. Clarify the route details to the client, and ask them if they have a favorite route.
8. No disruptive behavior, including flirting or inappropriate actions or language. Behaviors such as sexual harassment can never be tolerated in this company.
9. Never drive while holding your phone or texting. Always obey traffic rule.
10. Never hint at receiving tips from the clients.
11. Keep safe any belongings left behind by the clients and take them back to our facilities.
12. Do not allow customers to eat in the cars. However, be polite when letting them know.
13. Always dress presentable and maintain a high level of personal hygiene.
14. Don’t allow your significant others into the vehicle. No extra riders should be allowed in the vehicle. You should never overload.
15. Always answer your calls, from clients and management alike. Never assume the management knows what you are up to. Rely on calls, not text messages.
16. NEVER attend any shift while drunk. This will lead to immediate termination. Abraxi Taxi is a drug and alcohol-free workplace.
Frequently Asked Questions
Driver FAQs What to Do
What if the customer is not there to accept the ride? Wait five minutes and then call the client. Wait for another ten minutes and call again if he/she is still not there. If he/she still doesn’t show up, notify the dispatcher.
What to do in case of a breakdown? Call the dispatcher and follow the instructions given.
What to do in the event of an accident? Call the dispatcher or owner and follow the instructions given. Take important details of the other vehicle(s).
What to do if you had to incur parking charges? Pay parking charges from your pocket but inform the dispatcher about it after the trip. Provide the receipt.
What to do if you do not know the client’s directions? Try to use google maps or ask your co-workers for tips.
What if a regular client calls and you are not on shift? Try to cover with a shift partner and have them call the dispatcher.
How do I make more money? Hang out where people are; this would be stores, plazas, and hotels, in the day, and hotels and nightclubs at night. We are particularly famous at the statue of Ponce De Leon and the Bridge of Lions.
Befriend clients to get regulars. Drive during peak hours.

Ponce and Philly

There really is a lot to do here in Saint Augustine so let’s try to find a few links to take you to many festivals and tourists attractions we have going on. March really kicks it off with the festivals and concerts, but that does not mean the Florida winter isn’t loaded with fun.
Now you finally flew in via Frontier from Philadelphia to escape the weather. You start noticing that everything seems to be Ponce this Ponce that. Who exactly is this Ponce de Leon character and why is he so revered here in Saint Augustine?
In Philadelphia you have a Columbus street and even a parade for Christopher who in 1492 sailed the ocean blue. We at Abraxi taxi tried to find out some more about the founder of our historic city and would like to share a bit of his life. He definitely was a Renaissance man, but at the detriment to many.
Being from the Northeast and watching the many parades, what in the world is a better spectacle than the Mummers, in Philadelphia? I think having a tribute to Ponce De Leon would be awesome. My first obstacle was that I could not find his true birthday so we looked further into his life and especially his connection with Christopher Columbus, and as it turned out in a weird twist, Philadelphia.
John Meehan from his famous Irish pub on the Bayfront started the Saint Patrick’s Day parade, we from Abraxi Taxi service and airport shuttle, could propose a similar tribute to our Father Mr. Ponce. How about boarding a Frontier flight nonstop to Saint Augustine airport armed with those awesome costumes and banjos? What could be better than doing it with Philadelphia/Mummers style? We could have those marching bands decked out with feathers strumming and strutting along the Matanzas Inlet with cannons firing from the Castillo de San Marcos. But we are getting ahead of ourselves and with all the festivals, movie premiers, museums, concerts where can we find an open date.
So let’s start with our man Ponce.

Legacy (This is from Bio)
“Juan Ponce de León was a product of his time—ambitious, hardworking and ruthless when the occasion called for it. He built a small financial empire that helped advance Spanish colonization in the Caribbean, and he might have gone even further had he been able to avoid political intrigue with the Columbus family.
Many historical sources agree that he treated the native people under his control better than most conquistadors. However, enslavement and disease took a very heavy toll on these populations and he faced several violent uprisings during his tenure as governor.
Ponce de León will forever be associated with the fountain of youth, even though there is no record that he deliberately searched for it. Though he acknowledges the existence of the fable in his memoir, he was by all accounts far too practical a man to waste time on such a fantasy amidst the building of his fortune.”
So the conquistadors were generally religious people that in pursuit of their own greedy goal for gold and treasure ENSLAVED and mistreated the local populations they were trying to conquer. No doubt this was for the glory of god and the salvation of souls and perhaps some actually believed this. But after doing some research on the Spanish Explorers even Christopher Columbus, it really becomes apparent that greed, power and self-aggrandizement were the true reasons. And the natives, as if their fate was not bad enough, suffered from all forms of European diseases the deadliest being small pox.
It does seem that Ponce de Leon came from a nice family that was educated and cultured. He did come to the Americas with Columbus on his 2nd voyage. He was governor of Puerto Rico and was 4 feet 11 inches. And considered tall for his time. We have a statue of a life sized Ponce at the Plaza de la Constitucion that is exactly like the one in Olde San Juan, Puerto Rico. The scholars praise Ponce for his treatment of the slaves, but do not forget Columbus last voyage was back to Spain in chains, for what at the times were crimes against humanity. And it would be later in Ponces life that the sons of Christopher Columbus would thwart his ambitions.
It seems that after Spain expelled the Moors many soldiers of fortune became unemployed but several including Juan Ponce de Leon were able to gain access to the New World. Yes, there was a Muslim problem and under employment over 500 years ago. Yet several thousand boarded ships and set sail from Spain to Hispaniola, what is now modern day Haiti/Dominican Republic. And it really starts here for Ponce and his quest for fame and fortune.
The trip took only 3 weeks and there were slaves to be exploited, souls to be saved and gold to line one’s pockets. Ponce was all in. The priests did expect the natives to be taught reading and writing by the new masters and maybe because of the times this behavior was condoned. The saving of souls no matter the cost. No doubt Juan was an opportunist that had the King’s ear and even some limited support from the Columbus family. This almost sounds Soprano-esque but with little to no oversight he was in defacto the Don of Dons.
Juan did seem impressed with the Indian population fighting skills and like a Don Quixote took notice and defeated the windmills of the new wild west. And to this day is considered the 1st conquistador and hero of Puerto Rico.So along with other soldiers of fortune like Cortez and De Soto they managed to wreak havoc on one civilization, but this laid the foundation for a new world order that continues to this day.
“Spanish conquistador Ponce de Leon founded the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico and sought to find the Fountain of Youth. He gained wealth, fame and fortune – often at the brutal expense of native populations.”
Perhaps the lust of more power and more gold drove him to even more expeditions into Florida where he eventually brought a gun to a poison arrow fight which he lost. He was able to make it to Havana Cuba where he died from his wounds. There is much more about him on the History Channel, Wikipedia and Biography but that I think this sums up the man. In his world he would be considered a brave an honorable man, it must have taken courage and a brass set to adventure into the unknown. He discovered Florida on Palm Sunday so I would suggest this should be the day we set aside for the Ponce de Leon/Southern Mummers extravaganza.
Ponce de Leon has one other Philadelphia connection and that is to the esteemed Benjamin Franklin. Ponce is credited with the discovery of the Gulf stream. ”This was the first encounter with the Gulf Stream where it reaches maximum force between the Florida coast and the Bahamas. Because of the powerful boost provided by the current, it would soon become the primary route for eastbound ships leaving the Spanish Indies bound for Europe.” But it was Benjamin Franklin that actually took his genius and performed scientific measurements that actually charted this ocean river naming it the Gulf Stream.
Now all that booty from the New World was heading back to Europe via the Florida straits and the Gulf Stream. Of course we live in paradise but for a few months a year we can experience the Hurricane season. We have great forecasters to warn us when a storm might be brewing but 500 years ago not even Nostradamus was predicting weather. (The fact that he was French and hated the Spanish could be a reason.) So many of those Spanish Galleons sunk, left billions of dollars in gold and silver bullion on the ocean floor. So here comes Saint Augustine’s final connection to Philadelphia in the name of Pat Croce, treasure hunter. You can tour his pirate museum right here in the historic city.
So let’s go over our connections to Philadelphia. Nonstop seasonal flights to Saint Augustine. The airport to the downtown hotels costs about 10 to 15 dollars if you were to use a taxi cab or there are plenty of rental car agencies to choose from. Next we have a relationship between Ponce and that superstar Ben Franklin and the gulf stream. Abraxi Taxi’s next adventure is to petition the U.S Mint as Ponce deserves his portrait on at least a coin. Preferably a gold doubloon 3rd string in this symphony. Is Pat Croce of Allan Iverson and 76er fame, now a pirate expert looking for Ponces booty? Is it too much to ask that the Mummers also honor us? Giving us a quadruple double.
Easter usually comes in April so we really should just pick a date. Early May might be best. The first Saturday. The weather will be ideal. Not too hot, not too cold. Those Mummer arrays would be miserable in the Summertime. This could kick off Player Championship Golf Tournament in Ponte Vedra, an ideal time, and still not interfere with Bill Murray’s Charity Golf Event at his family’s restaurant Caddy shack in late March. Of course the Parade would start at the Fountain of Youth and continue on San Marco. Yes, that is the original Ripley’s Believe It or Not on the left. Up West Castillo past the Best Western Spanish Quarter, ending up at Francis Field.
The Mummers are in of themselves a show. A stage could be set up, we could have more performances and of course an awards ceremony. For those of you that have not been blessed to watch anything as unique and creative as this New Year’s Day tradition you really are missing something special. Think Liberace and those 20s feather strippers on ecstasy, drunk on Blackberry brandy freestyling it down main street America. Some very talented people who work long hours and spend beaucoup de bucks for one show. This is a great opportunity to enjoy our great city of Saint Augustine and what we consider wonderful weather.
At the next city council meeting lets come out and support the Parade for Ponce. We can set up a committee to oversee the implementation and lobby our legislature for support. They were able to plan our 450th birthday party and a huge Mumford and Sons concert very efficiently, why not this event? Some laws like open containers should be relaxed and traffic would have to be controlled. There could be a few designated taxi stands and special shuttles. It would be an awesome tribute to our founding father, a truly sui generis festival, and with help from other Ponce de Leon groupies this could become something special.
Maybe we could invite the King and Queen from Spain! This is a bit about Spanish history and we actually do reenactments of the British Pirate Drake overtaking the Spanish here in Saint Augustine. If you love history especially American history it really all started here in Saint Augustine Florida, and whether or not Ponce discovered the Fountain of Youth or was even the driving factor on him choosing to visit here, the two will always be connected.
So I vote to give tribute to Ponce de Leon with a special celebration here in Saint John’s County Florida and let’s do it with some Yankee flair and show Saint Augustine how we party in Philadelphia. That is another thing we have in common because after all we are a quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem. But do not drink and drive! Call Abraxi Taxi, we get you where you need to Go!

Saint Augustine and the taxi scene!

Abraxi taxi has been servicing Saint Augustine area for going on 10 years, now. We are a small, privately owned, full-service cab company. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. We can get you to local restaurants and bars, tour departure locations, or one of the many airports here in the northeast part of Florida.

Abraxi Taxi is fully compliant with all of the regulations put forth by the City of Saint Augustine. This includes proper business and hack licensing, commercial taxi insurance, and the official city medallion. Our cars are inspected by the city garage, where a certified master mechanic performs checks and inspection of all the essentials related to engine and safety, as well as brakes and tires, windows and seat belts. We think we have the nicest, newest and safest livery. And into our well-kept vehicles we place the most knowledgeable professional drivers in town. Our cars even smell nice! That’s because we keep them clean and also enforce a non-smoking policy.

We do not use taxi-meters. Rather, we base your fare on a zone or flat rate basis. This usually benefits the customer, since no matter what, the price quoted will always be the price you pay. Traffic in the historic portion of the Ancient City can be brutal. The Bridge of Lions goes up many times each day, and often it seems to go up at the most inopportune times. No matter, the flat rate that we’ve quoted you will be what you pay. This can really favor the passenger when using our airport shuttles.

We charge just 75.00 from Downtown Saint Augustine to the Jacksonville and Daytona airport. Other airports – those further away from the city center – cost more. The brunt of our airport transportation is to Jacksonville International (“JAX”), which is about 50 miles from Saint Augustine – close to the Georgia border. Driving to JAX can take as little as an hour and 15 minutes, but it can also take longer if there is traffic, an accident, or construction on one of the highways. We can pick up at the Daytona airport and for a few extra bucks bring you to the beautiful Castillo Real on Saint Augustine beach.

Keep in mind that Frontier airlines also has seasonal nonstop flights from Chicago and Philadelphia to Northeast Florida Regional Airport NFRA here in Saint Augustine. There are many car rental businesses here but if you need or just prefer to go with a cab, call Abraxi Taxi. We are properly licensed to pick up passengers at the gates.

We will provide our shuttle anywhere in Saint John’s county but our base fare of 75.00 is from the downtown area. When you book with us it is your private cab, so you won’t need to be sharing with strangers. A bit of privacy can sometimes be a good thing!

Abraxi taxi accepts cash and all major credit cards. A few of our drivers can also accept Pay Pal. If you feel the driver did a great job, then tipping is also an option. And all of our drivers can process credit cards using their smart phones.

As an added bonus our cars are all late-model. And because our drivers all live in Saint Augustine they not only know how to get to places the fastest way, but they will make sure you are getting your drinks and dinner at a reputable establishment.

In fact, Abraxi taxi drivers are like having your local Trip Advisor. Saint Augustine has SO much history to share! After all, we are the oldest city in country. Back in the 1500s Ponce De Leon came here looking for the Fountain of Youth and named us “La Florida.” That fountain is still here, and well worth a visit.

If you are staying for a few days or more we highly recommend that you check out the Red or Green train/trolley tours to see the many sites we have to offer. Ghosts abound for the paranormal fanatic. The Alligator Farm is worthwhile and has zip lines for the young at heart. So take a sip of that water from Ponce’s quest and have a blast. The old jail – especially on one of the special Gravestone Ghost Tours – is really spooky. They put you in the hoosegow, then throw away the key. Some other haunted venues include the lighthouse and Spanish Military Museum located on Aviles street – the oldest street in America. We recently celebrated our 450th birthday. And with all those years come a treasure trove of museums. Try the Lighter or Villa Zorayda — plenty to do when the weather does not cooperate.

Your visit here will not be complete until you visit our fort, The Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the continental US. This ancient fort is constructed with coquina. Coquina is a type of sedimentary rock composed of shells of mollusks, making it able to absorb the force of cannonballs. Because of this the fort was never breached.

If you like adventure you may want to book a spot on the pirate ship Black Raven for some mock battles and “arrgghhhh-rated” fun. And then there’s the pirate museum, owned by Pat Croce of Philadelphia 76ers fame.

Other outings to fill your days: take a trip to one of our beautiful beaches – Vilano or Saint Augustine. Many great restaurants and bars to choose from. For waterfront dining try Caps on the water or the Conch house. We can also highly recommend the Reef restaurant – especially for Sunday brunch. Take a walk on the pier, or charter a deep-sea fishing trip. Saint Augustine has many venues that are popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties, with a wide range of beautifully appointed and reasonably priced ocean front houses for rent.

If you are staying in Crescent Beach you may want to try out Marineland, a place that is both fun and educational. Here you can swim with the dolphins. The original Flipper TV show was filmed here, and this was also the location of some fascinating experiments conducted during the second world war. The University of Florida now runs Marineland and is just an hour away from St. Augustine, in Gainesville.

Recently opened is the Saint Augustine Aquarium snorkel adventure, where the truly adventure-loving can swim with sharks and explore for underwater treasure, all the while snorkeling with an abundance of beautiful fish. Does it get any more exciting?

Years ago some great explorers came here looking for treasure, and there is still much treasure to be found in Saint John’s County.

Are you a golfer? Then you know that the 5th and richest golf tournament is held in May at the Sawgrass Marriot resort in Ponte Vedra. Here you can tee off on the world famous 17th. And if the Sawgrass fees are a little too steep for your budget, try the Squire or King and Bear – two other top notch courses located in World Golf Village. They are about a 20-minute drive from downtown Saint Augustine. The World Golf Hall of Fame and Bill Murray’s Caddy Shack restaurant are also located in the Village.

If you’re a fan of music and live performance you may want to check out the Ponte Vedra Beach concert hall – just a short drive North. And of course there is our very own Saint Augustine Amphitheater, a gorgeous outdoor musical treasure here on the island. Just a few of the up and coming shows that will kick off in 2017: Foreigner, Kansas, and Willy Nelson. The season ends in November, so check out the Amphitheater’s website for early tickets and special events.

For business meetings there’s the Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center – superb location place for those special company meetings. It is a bit of a drive from Saint Augustine but the Renaissance Marriott offers golf packages and limited free shuttle service to the outlet malls and downtown Saint Augustine.

Taxicabs rates here are among the lowest in the country, so there is no reason to drink and drive. Keep your car parked and call a cab. You can get your car later or we can even bring the car to your house. If you know you might have one glass of wine too many at Michael’s Tasting Room, just call us! We’re more than happy to serve as your designated driver.

As a full service 24-hour cab service we also offer a range of auxiliary services. Like delivery! Maybe you ran out of cigarettes or milk or eggs. We are happy to pick it up any purchase and bring it to you. Some drivers carry battery cables and can come out and give you a jump. We also can provide car transport, bring your vehicle to any location. Our fees will vary depending on distance. So no matter the issue if we can provide our services in any way just ask. Need your student picked up from Flagler College and brought to the Jacksonville Airport? Feel free to call and we will process the credit card via phone and ensure the safe transport your son or daughter.
Abraxi also specializes in late night airport transportation when the other taxi services are fast asleep.

Saint Augustine is a big wedding town and we have taxicab vans for large groups. Plan on Abraxi Taxi to handle all your needs, from the airport to the wedding to the reception to the hotel, and back to the airport. Call ahead to make a reservation or visit our website for complete rates and reviews.

Regardless of where you choose to go, remember that even though you are in Florida (The Sunshine State!), the weather can be fickle. So on a rainy day, you can visit the San Sebastian Winery. They offer tours, wine tasting, including some of Florida’s finest. A short walk away is Whetstones Chocolate Factory, where you can sample everyone’s favorite confection. And then just around the corner is our Distillery and the Ice Plant. Tours are conducted and you can even purchase a rare bottle of their Florida bourbon. In the adjoining building, you can enjoy a wide selection of craft cocktails and appetizers. Feel free to dine with gusto and then call Abraxi Taxi for your ride back to the Casa Monica.

At Abraxi Taxi we are honored with the tasks of transporting the guests that visit us here in the Ancient city and appreciate it that you are supporting small businesses like us that are the core of our country’s free enterprise – its lifeblood. So when you come and visit, drop a dime and call us for timely and prompt service. And always remember:

Abraxi Taxi gets you where you need to Go!

Saint Augustine Night of Lights and Abraxi Taxi!904 599 6666 Airports

It is that time of year again and the city is recovering nicely from the hurricane.Every year the elves come out late at night and start stringing millions of lights throughout the city of Saint Augustine. Travelers come from afar to see this amazing display of holiday cheer.
Traffic will increase dramatically and jaywalkers will abound; so please drive very carefully when in the downtown area.The city does offer some solutions to allay the potential traffic issues and parking problems we will have for the next couple months.
There is plenty of information at the city of Saint Augustine website or try parkstaug.com.
Who could have imagined that a single lighting of a candle 250 years ago would grow into a worldwide phenomenon here in the historic city. Taxis can be found across from the fort, near the Casa Monica or around the plaza where the Christmas tree will be. Plan your transportation needs wisely and be patient as the traffic will be heavy.Happy holidays to those we know and the new friends we will make.Enjoy your stay with us. If we send you that one finger gesture whilst on the the Holly Jolly train it is just our cabby way of saying Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.



Saint Augustine taxi ettiquette

If you have a time call set up be ready.
Drivers may call to get more information or to tell you about delays, answer the phone. Failure to do so may cause driver anxiety and they could choose to refuse the pickup. As independent contractors that is an option open to them.
No smoking and ask the driver if vaping is ok. Let us know if you have any pets. We are not equipped to take bicycles.
We are not a restaurant, to maintain clean bug-free vehicles no eating or drinking in our cars. Calling us repeatedly and asking where your cab is does not make the taxi come any faster. If we tell you a time please allow an extra few minutes before panicking.
Unfortunately, you need to pay but we do accept credit cards with 10.00 minimum fare.
We offer price quotes.
What we need to know is the pick up address, how many people and the destination.Quotes are from point A to Point B.Extra stops and/or round trips cost more.
Once we set a price we expect to be fully compensated.
Our prices are reasonable but not the cheapest.If you use a cheaper cab company don’t yell at the dispatcher if we are a dollar more.You can decline our taxi service and wait for your preferred transportation provider.
We use a flat or zone rate method to calculate our taxi fares and these remain constant.So, if you paid a certain price coming into historic downtown Saint Augustine, you will pay the same price on the way back to Saint Augustine beach for example.We do charge 2.00 for each additional passenger.We do not surge.
When we ask where you are going, one way to not get a cab is to reply, home.We want your address as the dispatcher does not know where you live.Also for those helpful souls that are walkers: find a spot and wait, walking does not help us nor will your ride be cheaper.
Abraxi taxi obeys all the rules and regulations that the city of Saint Augustine requires.We have the proper medallions and the correct insurance.Our cabs are the newest, least mileage taxicabs of any fleet the ancient city can provide.
Please play nice and respect the few conditions we have to ensure our cars remain in pristine condition.
And; the number one most annoying thing ever, is asking if I am Uber.This will be met with an automatic hang up and banned for life. Puking comes in at number two!

Cabs in Saint Augustine can be a luxury

I received a letter today asking my views on taxi services.It seems to me that one company is going after many companies.At Abraxi Taxi we may have the newest cars with the least amount of mileage on them and if another company has older cars with more mileage than ours, we are ok with that.If the police feel that a certain vehicle is a hazard they will pull the cab over and issue a citation.
If this is really in the best interest of health,safety and welfare for the citizens of Saint Augustine,we think the gas-powered golf carts driving on US1 and the pedicabs driving over the Bridge of Lions pose more of a threat.
It seems to us that there is a market for all cabs that comply with the regulations the city has put forth;and if one company charges more,or another taxi service charges less, that is fine by Abraxi.If you are a metered taxi company you need to be metered,if zone rates are the method one uses as a business model then adhere to that.One can not have it both ways.At Abraxi Taxi we use flat or zone rates, and do not deviate from this nor do we surge the fare at peak times.
I think the biggest issue I have is that the city does have certain requirements to operate a taxi here in the ancient city: yet allows über to continually break these rules.What has been done to the über driver who stalked and groped one of our own local residents? You want low mileage and clean nice cars, I think this is a noble quest.But how as a company can we accomplish this with all the illegal competition?
So if safety is really the issue and not someones personal agenda,ban über and put restraints on illegal gas-powered go carts and restrict pedicabs from crossing the Lions Bridge.If a taxi cab does not conform to city standards,pull it off the road.Impound Ubers as they are illegal and do not do background checks.And they will never do so.
Keep in mind that if you want nicer cleaner cars out here in the city we may need to raise our rates if you do not level the playing field and remove those companies that thumb their noses to our city commissioners.Using a cab to get back and forth to work really does become a luxury and if some choose to use a cheaper cab company they should have right to do so.
Please do not be bullied by any companies whether local or worldwide.Try to regulate the rules you have in place and those who do not comply; deal with draconianly.Keep in mind that taxi vehicles pile on mileage,passengers trash cars and accidents happen.Drivers that are unregulated do bad things.Groping and stalking are bad enough.What threshhold must be surpassed before the city starts enforcing the laws already in place?I dont think older cars are the issue:but,uninsured and random out-of-town drivers are.Open vehicles driving in dangerous areas and players with hidden agendas are much more of a threat!

Hello Saint Augustine

It has been some time since we posted here at Abraxi Taxi.We just saw our 8th anniversary slip by and would like to thank our local client base for putting up with us all these years.We try hard but sometimes have hiccups.I think we are running the latest model cars with the lowest mileage taxi cabs in Saint Augustine.We try to keep them clean but the pollen has been brutal this spring.And since rumours of a PETA conference headed this way:have steered clear of leather seats.

Abraxi taxi keeps a local profile.From buying our cars at Nissan in Saint Augustine,using Maria at the Print Shop and Sharon from My Time,we spend what we can here in town.All our vehicles comply with the regulations set forth by COSA.From the medallions to proper commercial taxi insurance.Our drivers have background checks and our pricing is consistent.No surging even at peak hours.We use a flat or zone rate,this is one set price from point A to point B.A constant pricing system with no hidden charges.

So happy birthday to us and a huge thank you and round of applause to everyone who has stood by us these many years.Without the support of local businesses like Meehan’s Irish Pub,Saint George Tavern and Tradewinds we might never have survived this long in a very competitive taxicab market here in the Ancient City.

Stop the Uber Bully:

There has been much in the news about bullying and that is good.These tactics are destructive and have a lasting damage on their victims.Hopefully the age of the bully will be short-lived.However some of these strong arm individuals employ similar tactics in the business world and today I would like to single out the tyrants that control Uber.

Uber is a taxi service that uses technology to circumvent the laws and policies cities have to regulate the transportation industry.They are also prevalent in the news;THEY ARE BULLIES.Make no mistake with the official party line.”Ride sharing”companies provide taxi services and use smoke and mirrors to obscure this reality.This criminal enterprise offers no financial advantage to any city that their thugs operate in.In fact the opposite is true.

Saint Augustine Florida is one city that these Uber mafioso would like control.The drivers are unregulated,have no business license,lack the commercial insurance this great city requires to operate any type of service involving the transportation of people.Let alone have a hack license required for all vehicle for hire drivers.

Abraxi Taxi will not be browbeat and I implore other cab companies and all taxi drivers to stand up to these oppressors. We invite the mayor and our distinguished city commissioners to join in this quest.The codes for livery service are written in stone.It just takes an aggressive stance to enforce the laws already in place and exterminate the maggots who are sullying our workplace.

Lyft above the hype and take an Uber-vigorous carriage against these taxi service teflon dons.We need the city to stop criminal activity and put an end to this ruffian reign immediately.