Pandemic and Cabs

Times are already stressful so please do not be a jerk. When using traditional taxi service ask about any extra rules that might be required when you call and book your ride. Some drivers will be wearing a mask and might prefer that you also show the same courtesy by donning one yourself. Others may not care one way or the other. Please plan accordingly.

Our company is just trying to survive so we are operating very lean. About half our cars are sitting so we may need a few extra minutes to come get you. If you are in a hurry, I cannot make the drivers drive any faster and though I may wish: my power to control traffic is nonexistent. Calling me repeatedly will not help so please show some restraint.

Many of our drivers are older and at more at risk if they were exposed to Covid so please let’s try to listen to our professional cabbies. Most prefer no smoking or vaping as this can spread the disease. Also, we prefer southern air conditioning, operating with the windows down.

In a nutshell, behave as a normal citizen, listen to your pilot, avoid drinking eating smoking and screaming in the taxi, do not be an ass.Perhaps one day we can look back with dark humor on all the crazy things we did to mitigate coronavirus so we could save others.

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