Saint Augustine taxi delivers

Among the many mundane tasks that taxi services provide one is the delivery option.Sometimes it is just cheaper for us drivers to just pick up what you need and bring it to you.We do charge a nominal 10.00 fee plus the cost of whatever we pick up,alcohol,fast food or even medication . Besides the usual […]

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First Day Back

The kids are finally back in school here in Saint Augustine.When I went to school way back when,we started the day after labor day. I am not sure why in Florida they start so early and at the hottest time of the year. From a taxi drivers viewpoint this does put a damper on the […]

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Vilano UFO Sighting

I was doing my job driving a taxi and listening to George Nori on 1240 AM.Just another redeye airport run in Ponte Vedra going to the Jacksonville airport.Since I was in Downtown Historic area of Saint Augustine Florida I decided to take Coastal Highway through Vilano Beach to my destination. Now granted I was listening […]

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August Doldroms

If you are in need or just looking for a stay-cation come over and check us out in Saint Augustine Florida.And besides being this nations oldest city with plenty of activities for the whole family,we also have beaches. And if you are a pirate you are in for a tasty treat.We are a town of […]

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