Hello Saint Augustine

It has been some time since we posted here at Abraxi Taxi.We just saw our 8th anniversary slip by and would like to thank our local client base for putting up with us all these years.We try hard but sometimes have hiccups.I think we are running the latest model cars with the lowest mileage taxi […]

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Taxi Confessions and Local SEO

After about a year on being in the G+ communities I am here to share my SEO mistakes and successes.The reason I started to read certain SEO communities was I knew very little about websites and more importantly how people could find my business. As a taxi driver in what is now a very competitive […]

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External or internal taxi competition in Saint Augustine Fl.

Registered with sunbiz.org Fully comply with Saint Augustine Fl.regulations City medallion attached to proper vehicles Insured properly, all licensing current Alcohol and drug-free workplace Impeccable and timely service Knowledgeable and mostly friendly drivers Clean cars and cold air No strangers riding shotgun Taxicab vans that are comfortable Longest tenured independent company in town Has a […]

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