Letters we write for help

I am submitting a new request as I may have misstated my COGS figure. My original loan while helpful was not nearly enough.  March and April are among out best months and that week of Saint Patrick ‘s day is usually outstanding. The city pulled the plug on March 17th and we have yet to recover. Sawgrass TPC a major golf tournament and spring break also were cancelled. A big blow to tourism in Saint John’s County.

My problem now is lack of drivers, generally we hire seniors as they tend be much more reliable and this helps many supplements their disability or pensions. Most of the cabbies are elderly with pre-existing conditions and have some reservations driving tourists from other parts of the country and the world around. We do have some OSHA standards we try to implement, and many CDC protocols incorporated into our business models, but some customers just refuse to comply.

We also have had to reduce the number of vehicles in our fleet as tourism has dropped off a fair amount the last year. Just trying to keep our heads above water until vaccinations and common sense overcome this virus.

Abraxi Taxi relies on our workers to generate revenue. We certainly have expenses like vehicle maintenance, commercial insurance phone and fuel. At the start of the Pandemic, we had 8 drivers now we are down to 4. The season will kick off here February 14th with the Daytona 500 and I will need to have extra money in the bank to help us until we are able to hire more drivers.

I believe we are on the right path regarding Covid19 with a national plan and a strong rollout of vaccines. With time consumer confidence will increase and in 6 months we should all be on a fast track to economic recovery.

I want to thank everyone at SBA for the quick responses and especially Jo Anne R for the extra help and explanations. You have been a blessing for many and certainly for me.

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