Vilano UFO Sighting

I was doing my job driving a taxi and listening to George Nori on 1240 AM.Just another redeye airport run in Ponte Vedra going to the Jacksonville airport.Since I was in Downtown Historic area of Saint Augustine Florida I decided to take Coastal Highway through Vilano Beach to my destination.

Now granted I was listening to Ancient Aliens,not abductions thank God, paying little attention except to traffic on the road;when up ahead I saw what appeared to be a roadblock.Lots and lots of annoying red and blue emergency lights,that severely impact the night vision of cabbies.

When I pulled up I was mildly surprised to see what was a military presence. The MP asked to see my hack license and taxi insurance which I dutifully handed over.She gruffly asked me what my business was before sending me on my way.

Well the taxi business can get a little dull.But now my curiousity was getting the better of me.I started to look around and some funny stuff was happening on the beach.I realize that sea turtles might be hatching but this miliary overload seemed a bit much for even the most ardent of ecology lovers.

So far not much in answers as I continued on to my fare and then to the airport.George Nori was over by this time, however my interest had picqued.I came back again headed South along Coastal highway even as this would put me miles out of my way and upon reaching the roadblock was told the area was cordoned off or was it quarantined? No matter Abraxi Taxi was forced away from what looked to be an inordinate amount military hardware and an army of workers struggling with some unknown object on the beach.

I dont have any proof and did not see any other witnesses to what I think is a massive cover up of a downed alien spacecraft.After getting home and sleeping for a bit I did buy some newspapers and tried some Google searches but have found little out.

Perhaps this was just some military training but from what I saw it sure looked like a made for TV conspiracy thriller. I will never find out what truly happened.Driving a taxi involves long hours but is never without these special moments.

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