August Doldroms

If you are in need or just looking for a stay-cation come over and check us out in Saint Augustine Florida.And besides being this nations oldest city with plenty of activities for the whole family,we also have beaches.

And if you are a pirate you are in for a tasty treat.We are a town of buccaneers and boast a variety of swashbuckling adventure that even Johny Depp would envy.From the pirate cruise ship to Pat Croce museum.The Oldest Jail and the public hangings we have a treasure trove to loot from.

If you do plan a visit and need some pirate related deals look up Abraxi Taxi on your smart mobile device and we would be happy to provide airport transportation, taxi service and share some discount coupons with you all.

Remember this town is a family town and rated PG…….Arrrrrrrgggggghhhh!

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