First Day Back

The kids are finally back in school here in Saint Augustine.When I went to school way back when,we started the day after labor day. I am not sure why in Florida they start so early and at the hottest time of the year.

From a taxi drivers viewpoint this does put a damper on the cab industry as a whole.This will be a very lean month overall but we do have the holiday weekend to look forward to.And of course Mumford and Sons in mid September.

So even as you watch taxicab drivers sit and sweat during the August doldroms,start planning ahead for labor day weekend and the concerts that are in the near future.September will be a big month for taxi services and airport shuttles.

Abraxi taxi is accepting reservations for the holiday weekend and we will be servicing the beaches during the Mumford and Sons concert.Really plan ahead as parking and taxis will be scarce and traffic will be horrendous.

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