Rockem sockem

In search of a lawyer or law firm that has the stomach to punch our illegal competitors and the city in the nose. A knock them sock em robot battle royale. A cab company quarantine in the ancient city: Saint Augustine. Esquires and knights, bishops and queens in a noble quest to vanquish greed and corruption in the business world of taxis. An advocate, a royal champion is what we at Abraxi taxi need help with. Either with the enforcement of city regulations, or the liquidation of these fiats, and financial compensation, lawyer fees and penalties under the (Florida Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices Act).

Not many taxi companies have complied with the city of Saint Augustine taxi regulations for many years. I do see their vehicles parked at the DoubleTree, the Plaza de la Constitucion the two taxi stands on the square, taken over by golf carts in downtown Saint Augustine. Vehicles have no medallions or medallions not current. These cars/busses/low speed vehicles for hire and pedicabs just travel illegally from hotel to hotel picking up passengers and then taking them back, we think we can prove they are costing us dearly and the day will come when injuries may be more than just monetary. With the traffic conditions and alcohol fueled jaywalkers; why is the city allowing these criminal elements operating without the proper requirements. Sooner or later a debt will be due. The city should start being more proactive then reactive or just not pass worthless non-binding statutes. 

I have looked some up of these illegal companies on sunbiz. org and a few are registered: whether they have the proper business licenses, let alone the required commercial insurance is debatable, but all will be revealed when the keeper of the city records and scrolls, deciphers the ancient script, revealing collusion and corruption on a massive scale.

Most appear to be operating illegally as transportation companies that lack proper medallions if any and are doing serious financial damage to my company, Abraxi Taxi. I would like to shut them down until they comply with what the city has put forward. We believe this is deceptive unfair and a breach of contract between these businesses and the city of Saint Augustine. It just comes down to levelling the playing field. And have them pay us the maximum amount allowed in civil court. We have alerted the code enforcement division and the city commission for allowing this to continue for over many years and despite my repeated attempts for assistance, they have done nothing.

Almost every transportation company whether cars, bikes or golf carts are not in compliance with the city code. I have made everyone at City Hall aware of these infractions but to no avail. Cory, our unofficial taxi commissioner, at the water department on Bridge Street: keeps a record of all the transportation providers in the city. As an agent for the city manager she oversees hack and business licenses, then double checks for commercial taxi insurance and the master mechanics certification before accepting medallion payment. We can offer proof of our compliance for the past several years, but this office can also prove our case against all the other transportation providers that are operating as Gypsy cabs: if we are allowed copies of the information they have provided and on file. The city does send out notices for when medallions need updating. At just fifty dollars for the medallion itself the only reason not to buy one would be unsafe vehicles or lack of the proper insurances. Ignorance of the law should not be a valid excuse for criminal behavior.

I think my only recourse is to file suit against the companies who most egregiously ignore these rules and regulations and does our company the most financial damage. I have exhausted all other options and since the city will not or cannot assist us with this matter, we believe that our day in court is the last hope. We have a well-documented paper trail and in person appearances with the city commissioners, past and present assistant city attorneys, Cory and associates at the water department and the head of code enforcement. We believe that our exercise in due diligence has been exhausted, our hands are clean, and we have overwhelming evidence that our competitors are cheating.

Along with rideshares many companies are operating without proper insurance, business licenses and of course the medallion required by the City of Saint Augustine. I will be attaching a copy of taxi medallion due notice and will also provide the complete statutes of the transportation code. We believe that our case is strong and will surely prevail with a favorable ruling.

Owner Abraxi Taxi

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