Saint Augustine Night of Lights and Abraxi Taxi!904 599 6666 Airports

It is that time of year again and the city is recovering nicely from the hurricane.Every year the elves come out late at night and start stringing millions of lights throughout the city of Saint Augustine. Travelers come from afar to see this amazing display of holiday cheer.
Traffic will increase dramatically and jaywalkers will abound; so please drive very carefully when in the downtown area.The city does offer some solutions to allay the potential traffic issues and parking problems we will have for the next couple months.
There is plenty of information at the city of Saint Augustine website or try
Who could have imagined that a single lighting of a candle 250 years ago would grow into a worldwide phenomenon here in the historic city. Taxis can be found across from the fort, near the Casa Monica or around the plaza where the Christmas tree will be. Plan your transportation needs wisely and be patient as the traffic will be heavy.Happy holidays to those we know and the new friends we will make.Enjoy your stay with us. If we send you that one finger gesture whilst on the the Holly Jolly train it is just our cabby way of saying Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.



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