Saint Augustine taxi ettiquette

If you have a time call set up be ready.
Drivers may call to get more information or to tell you about delays, answer the phone. Failure to do so may cause driver anxiety and they could choose to refuse the pickup. As independent contractors that is an option open to them.
No smoking and ask the driver if vaping is ok. Let us know if you have any pets. We are not equipped to take bicycles.
We are not a restaurant, to maintain clean bug-free vehicles no eating or drinking in our cars. Calling us repeatedly and asking where your cab is does not make the taxi come any faster. If we tell you a time please allow an extra few minutes before panicking.
Unfortunately, you need to pay but we do accept credit cards with 10.00 minimum fare.
We offer price quotes.
What we need to know is the pick up address, how many people and the destination.Quotes are from point A to Point B.Extra stops and/or round trips cost more.
Once we set a price we expect to be fully compensated.
Our prices are reasonable but not the cheapest.If you use a cheaper cab company don’t yell at the dispatcher if we are a dollar more.You can decline our taxi service and wait for your preferred transportation provider.
We use a flat or zone rate method to calculate our taxi fares and these remain constant.So, if you paid a certain price coming into historic downtown Saint Augustine, you will pay the same price on the way back to Saint Augustine beach for example.We do charge 2.00 for each additional passenger.We do not surge.
When we ask where you are going, one way to not get a cab is to reply, home.We want your address as the dispatcher does not know where you live.Also for those helpful souls that are walkers: find a spot and wait, walking does not help us nor will your ride be cheaper.
Abraxi taxi obeys all the rules and regulations that the city of Saint Augustine requires.We have the proper medallions and the correct insurance.Our cabs are the newest, least mileage taxicabs of any fleet the ancient city can provide.
Please play nice and respect the few conditions we have to ensure our cars remain in pristine condition.
And; the number one most annoying thing ever, is asking if I am Uber.This will be met with an automatic hang up and banned for life. Puking comes in at number two!

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