Saint Augustine taxi handbook

Abraxi Taxi Hiring Manual

We hire both lease and shift drivers.As a lease driver you get to keep the car and can work
when you want.Great option if you do not own a vehicle.A shift driver will work a 12 hour shift
at the discretion of the dispatcher and availability of shift cars.
Financial obligations are paid daily to the owner and late payments may incur a fee.Pricing varies
so choose wisely.Unfortunetly we need to have some structure so listed below are my guidelines.

The dispatcher is a god worship accordingly.
You need to have a good phone with great service.
Next to the taxi you are driving a smart phone is
your best friend.Need to find a certain pickup and
the dispatch is busy?Try Google maps.
This is a workplace so please leave your significant
other home.Absolutely no extra riders!
The more information you give to the gods the more
money you will make.
Keep your statements brief.For example I have a pickup
from downtown going to the beach.When you drop your precious
cargo tell the dispatcher something like this,clear on beach
headed downtown.When you get downtown call in and say clear.
Or perhaps you want to stay on the beach that is fine just
let the almighty know.
When you accept a call you are committed to it no exceptions.
Failure to complete this quest will have severe consequences
of biblical proportion.
If you only get sent home for breaking this commandent you
still will be responsible for payment.
Other high sins include sneaky,greedy,and whining.So please
play nice and be fair.Some shifts can be slow and you might
need to generate your own business.I suggest you befriend
some customers and become their personal driver.
Unfortunately we are mortal and can not nor should not work
more then 12 hours per day.Sometimes your regulars will need
a ride when you are sleeping so try to cover with a shift partner
or have them call dispatch.
Abraxi Taxi accepts credit cards so please open a bank account
and sign up with square or intuit.
Try to have your communication device with you at all times
whilst working.
Cabs should be picked up clean and will be returned the same.
Check all fluids and body condition daily.Do not take vehicle
if you notice any dents or dings alert the dispatcher,and have
them enter this in the daily log.This is for your protection.

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