Stop the Uber Bully:

There has been much in the news about bullying and that is good.These tactics are destructive and have a lasting damage on their victims.Hopefully the age of the bully will be short-lived.However some of these strong arm individuals employ similar tactics in the business world and today I would like to single out the tyrants that control Uber.

Uber is a taxi service that uses technology to circumvent the laws and policies cities have to regulate the transportation industry.They are also prevalent in the news;THEY ARE BULLIES.Make no mistake with the official party line.”Ride sharing”companies provide taxi services and use smoke and mirrors to obscure this reality.This criminal enterprise offers no financial advantage to any city that their thugs operate in.In fact the opposite is true.

Saint Augustine Florida is one city that these Uber mafioso would like control.The drivers are unregulated,have no business license,lack the commercial insurance this great city requires to operate any type of service involving the transportation of people.Let alone have a hack license required for all vehicle for hire drivers.

Abraxi Taxi will not be browbeat and I implore other cab companies and all taxi drivers to stand up to these oppressors. We invite the mayor and our distinguished city commissioners to join in this quest.The codes for livery service are written in stone.It just takes an aggressive stance to enforce the laws already in place and exterminate the maggots who are sullying our workplace.

Lyft above the hype and take an Uber-vigorous carriage against these taxi service teflon dons.We need the city to stop criminal activity and put an end to this ruffian reign immediately.

3 thoughts on “Stop the Uber Bully:

  1. You call us thugs and improperly licensed with no business driving people around, however uber driver are required to pass a three level backround check. Your DRIVERS are drug addicts and are not held to any level of competence.. AND YOUR. FARES ARE A RIP OFF!! Its funny how everyone you ask will tell you they HATE the uncomfortable feeling of an expensive taxi ride and prefer uber, yet in your deranged mind we are the bad guys. Yohr cars are disgisting your drivers are maniacs and your prices are insane. Taxi services are going extinct my friend.. Wake up! You WILL NOT survive this…


    1. I wouldn’t call you a Thug I would call you delusional at least when the weekend comes and the events, we don’t double triple quadruple and go five and six times the rates like you guys do trust me my friend I’ve lived here forty four years you’re just a Fad and you’re going to go bye bye…… and by the way I don’t know any local cab company here that has 2 rape cases charged against it so good luck with that


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