How to make your taxi driver happy

We run a small local taxi service in Saint Augustine Florida and during the holiday season it tends to get very busy so here are some tips from a cabbies point of view.
Scheduling a ride is encouraged in my company but it works both ways.If I were to be 10 minutes late perhaps you would understand if I took longer with no follow up I am sure you would be livid.
In my eyes when I show up on time and you are not ready it starts to put me behind.Hey you say just charge us…start the meter.Well first I dont have a meter,Abraxi Taxi is a zone rate company.Some use the phrase flat rate instead but both mean the same thing and generally work in the customers favor.
You call your favorite taxicab company hopefully me to pick you up at point A to take you to point B.I tell you the price that is set by the city of Saint Augustine and then add 2.00 more per passenger.
How does this save us money you might ask? Well since this is a set rate that we have agreed upon whether traffic is heavy, a bridge opens up or we need to detour; the meter is not clicking away.No matter how much longer it takes me or how many extra miles we go the price has been fixed.
Now I like to set up my night with time calls.Please pick us up at 7pm.My next preplanned pickup might be at 8pm, then 9 etc.depending on the time I need to get to the next taxi fare.
So believe it or not using Abraxi Taxi is not always about the money ( I dont work for free and tips buy you a google of good will), but about time and keeping to our schedule.
Being on time whether we are picking you up or taking you home makes me very happy.
It happens to many us and it is one reason to take cabs.We are going out on the town.Intoxicated passengers are a large part of any taxi service.When the bars close everone now needs a designated driver and I love it.This makes me happy.There is never any reason to drive drunk.
Okay we now have you in the taxicab, if you even think about getting sick tell me to pull over.Nothing makes me more unhappy then having to clean up vomit. Excuse me sir I think we need to stop works just fine.I get it.Get sick in the cab its going to cost, best to evacuate first the car then your belly. Take care of business keep your money and  driver happy!

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