Mumford and Sons

The time has come.Great website to check for transportation it is www loaded with relevant concert information.

Check this site for any concert related questions and the City of Saint Augustine Florida should have an answer here.

Taxis will be busy so if you can utilize the tools the city is providing your transportation needs should be covered.

We at Abraxi Taxi will do our best to get you where you need to Go! But volume will be very heavy and the Downtown area will be packed with revelers. Please be patient and follow the guidelines put forth by Gentleman’s of the Road website.

This is a great opportunity to showcase our great historic city and with proper planning everyone attending Mumford and Sons will have a tremendous time.

So be prepared to walk,wear comfortable shoes.Our city is not very high heel friendly.Make sure you bring plenty of water and maybe some snacks as most local restaurants and bars will be packed.Please purchase the shuttle wristband as this will be the best form of locomotion in the downtown area before,during and after the concert.

The city council has a well designed plan for our transportation needs and if we follow this strategy we all will have a much better Mumford and Son experience.Thank you Steven abraxitaxi Ciccantelli.

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